Dale Audrey R.D.H., A True Pioneer...


As a daughter of a successful Periodontist, Dale Audrey R.D.H., grew up in the chemical laden dental world. Learning early and seeing the destruction that could happen if you develop gum disease, also using harsh chemicals in your mouth,  made a huge impact on her future.  She decided to became a dental hygienist and help fight the battle. After working in the U.S. she decided to broaden her horizons and moved to Florence, Italy for 5 years teaching dental hygiene before the hygiene profession even existed. She later moved back to the U.S. to start her dream of her methodology & development of her Natural Oral Care line. 

In 2007 Dale Audrey R.D.H., left her comfortable position as a Dental Hygienist of 17 years, in a Pembroke Pines, Florida practice.  She sold her house in Weston, Florida and purchased a Motor Coach, and began to travel across America to start to promote her Natural Oral Care message to the public, store by store, state by state. 

This journey took over six years, demonstrating to hundreds of thousands of people and educating hundreds of stores about the importance of Natural Oral Health & prevention. As the pioneer and developer of the first of many products in the category, the importance of Oral Health & Whole body health, remains a priority. 

Today, you can conveniently shop with confidence,  all of Dale Audrey R.D.H. line on our website but also find our products throughout reputable stores such as: ( Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Central Markets, Erewhon, Mothers Markets, Mom's Organic Markets,  and many more across the U.S.) 

 Our entire Oral Care line is 100% chemical free, non-toxic and sustainable to help sustain a natural world.
And we support animal cruelty free products 

Our journey continues...
Our passion never stops, new products are always being developed to fulfill our vision:  which is to help you live a better quality life through Optimum Oral Care, naturally!
Dale Audrey R.D.H. Founder/President Oral Fitness Inc.
Dale Audrey R.D.H.
Oral Fitness Inc.