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"Millions of Smiles since 1983"

Following Dale Audrey R.D.H.'s  oral fitness routine, will help to  increase longevity and whole body wellness by promoting overall oral health.

Her simple and easy to follow regime,  has created millions of healthy smiles across the globe.

Our mission is to empower individuals to take control of their oral health and overall well-being through education, inspiration and natural, holistic practices

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Our products may speak for themselves, but we love hearing from you!

Best of the best for oil pulling and/or mouthwash! A must for keeping gums healthy!

Tanja M.

My teeth are whiter, gums are pinker and a sensitive tooth is no longer sensitive. My new dentist thought I had just had a cleaning, but I hadn't had one in 3 years :)

Jolie N.

Love this! Sink Safe and tastes great, My gums & teeth feel amazing!

Belinda R.

I love this so much. I love the taste, the texture all of it!!! Highly recommend.

Meagan T.

I’ve been using plain coconut oil for years but this blend has hightened my oil pulling experience. My mouth and teeth are much cleaner!

Robert K.

I look forward to using this product daily. It taste so good and does a great job with my dry mouth problem.

Beth B.

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